Our Approach

We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as the main theoretical framework for change within our clients because it is evidenced based and has been proven to yield positive results. In therapy, CBT allows for the identification and modification of unhealthy thinking patterns, which is why it will benefit your treatment in combination with music and expressive arts for a cathartic experience and overall positive outcome.

We conveniently provide our services remotely through telehealth to accommodate busy lifestyles. Feel secure knowing that you have the freedom to attend all of your appointments within the comfort of your own home or on-the-go in between breaks.

Remote Services


— APRIL, 2020

David Cortez, MA, LPC, LCDC

Whether it is addiction, codependency, trauma, depression, or anxiety, nothing should get in your way of you living your best life! What has happened before today, what is happening now, and the worries of what may happen tomorrow can be a source of suffering for everyone. Take action and move towards your goals, dreams, passions, and best you. I have nearly a decade of experience helping individuals strive for the life that they know they should have, reach milestones, find their voice, and be the catalyst for change in their own lives. Every person can be the hero of their story!

The therapeutic process through the use of CBT is collaborative journey. The idea is that thought patterns influence emotions and ultimately lead to negative behavioral outcomes. By identifying and reconstructing thought patterns, a person is able to change how they think, have greater control of their emotions, and are able to have a better outcome.

I have background in working with adults and adolescents. I have treatment experience in multiple levels of care and am the owner of Tao Prosperity Counseling. I have worked with individual suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, and addiction. I incorporate music, art, CBT, and a variety of skills and techniques to address your needs.